Standing out in the market of "giants"

Vargus, a member of the International Neumo Ehrenberg Group manufacturers and supplies metalworking tools. Since its establishment, the company has been zealously guarded its image as a provider of quality and professional solutions in a market saturated with sizeable competitors.

Maxmark led a move aimed at transforming Vargas from a valued niche manufacturer into a significant player in the global market. In a steadfast and persistent process, with creativity, a courageous management, and an open mind, Vargus’s new image was created. A uniform graphic language was created for headquarters and all subsidiaries around the world. All group marketing tools were redesigned to place emphasis on the company's strengths and its extended range of products. In order to establish its status as an innovative company, several campaigns were launched with the backing of dynamic and innovative marketing activity.

Following the launch of its distinctive and unique image, Vargus continues to expand into new and product lines and markets establishing it as one of the most prominent and valued manufacturers in the market today.